Orphic Hymn to Demeter - Summoning Goddess Demeter
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Listen to the Orphic Hymn to Demeter recited. You can use it as a prayer to Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture and prosperity, during your rituals and/or to summon her. 

This Orphic Hymn version was recited by Jesse Guelfi. This is based on Apostolos N. Athanassakis version.

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40. To Eleusinian Demeter
Incense: Frankincense

Deo, divine mother of all, goddess of many names, august Demeter,
Nurturer of youths, and giver of prosperity and wealth.
You nourish the ears of corn, O giver of all, and you delight in peace and in toilsome labor.
Present at sowing, reaping and threshing, O spirit of unripe fruit,
You dwell in the sacred valley of Eleusis.
Charming and lovely, you give sustenance to all mortals,
And you were the first to yoke the plowing ox and to send up from below,
A rich and lovely harvest for mortals.
Through you there is growth and blooming, O illustrious companion of Bromios,
And, torch-bearing and pure one, you delight in the summer's yield.
From beneath the earth you appear and to all you are gentle,
O holy and youth-nurturing lover of children and of fair offspring.
You yoke your chariot to bridled dragons,
And round your throne you whirl and howl in ecstasy.
Only daughter with many children and many powers over mortals,
You manifest your myriad faces to the variety of flowers and sacred blossoms.
Come, blessed and pure one, and, laden with the fruits of summer,
Bring peace, together with the welcome rule of law, riches too,
And prosperity, and health that governs all.

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