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Greek Mythology Books: 5 Books you must read + 3 bonuses
11K views · May 20, 2022
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In this video I recommend 5 great books about Greek Mythology for you. These books tell about the Gods, Goddesses, Heros and Heroines. They are unique, so one does not exclude the others. Each one offers a different kind of reading and different kind of contents. The books are: - Bulfintch's Mythology by Thomas Bulfintch - The Greek Myths by Robert Graves - The Mythology Book (DK publishing) - Illiad and Odyssey by Homer - Orphic Hymns by Patrick Dunn Please use the link below to purchase the books you wish. By using it you colaborate with Santuário Lunar and you pay nothing extra for it. - By the end of the video I also recoomend 3 other books. These ones are focused on the divine feminine, archetypes, symbols and magical side of the Greek Goddesses(and other Goddesses too). The books are: - The Goddess Path - Wild Girls - Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines All of them were written by Patrícia Monaghan. - Do watch my other videos: - Playlist Greek Goddesses ~ Stories, symbols, archetypes and rituals: - Orphic Hymns - Recited Hymns for you to use in your daily rituals: Support the channel: - Become a Kindle Unlimited user, free for 30 days: - Buy books and other things using this affiliate link: - Enter Audible and get 1 free audiobook + 2 free Audible Originals, free for 30 days: - Join Amazon Prime and get free shipping, deals, streaming and much more: - Join CuriosityStream and watch unique documentaries and programs: ---||--- Let the Goddess guide you. Click here: Pinterest: Facebook: Instagram: ---||--- Some links on this page are affiliate links. When you buy something using these links, a small fee is paid to Santuário Lunar Channel based on your purchase. This way you support us and pay nothing extra for it!
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