THE STORY OF ATHENA - The Greek Goddess of Wisdom and warfare
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In this video I tell the story of Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom and warfare. The Roman version of this Goddess is called Minerva.

Athena is a daughter of Zeus and Metis, an oceanid. There's also another version that states that Athena is the daughter of Pallas, a giant, therefore she got the epithet Pallas Athena.

In the video, I explain her origin, her symbols, her archetypes, how she was "masculinized" and more associated with warfare then to wisdom. I also comment about an ancient Greek ritual to keep the feminine side of Athena alive.


00:00 Athena
00:12 The importance of Athena
00:51 The foundation of Athens: Athena vs Poseidon
02:49 The Birth(s) Athena
05:03 Athena remains virgin
06:24 My statue of Athena
07:09 Athena's Symbols
08:31 Athena vs Medusa
10:06 Athena vs Aracne
11:25 Athena and the golden apple
12:04 A celebration for Athena
13:22 Connecting with Athena
14:34 Conclusion

Larn about some of her confrontations too and how she dealt with Medusa and Arachne.

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Athena Lemnia
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Pallas Athena drives away Mars
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Athens, decadrachm

BY redheaded-step-child

Caravaggio 1595 - 1598

Athena Changing Arachne into a Spider
Antonio Tempesta published 1606
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